Avid Releases Symphony For The Mac

Avid Technology. Inc. is now shipping the Symphony 4.7 system for Mac users. Symphony is an editing system designed for professional post production applications. The system features real-time 10-bit DVE and Ultimatte keying color correction. Also with this release are new versions of Media Composer, Film Composer, and Avid Xpress with support for 23.976 frame rates. According to Avid Technology:

Avid Technology, Inc. today unveiled its Symphony(tm) system for the Macintosh platform and new Mac OS X versions of the Media Composer®, Film Composer®, and Avid Xpress® systems.

Symphony v4.7 for the Mac platform will offer real-time 10-bit DVE, Ultimatte keying and color correction processing on Mac OS X, Appleis latest high-performance operating system.

New in the Mac OS X version of Symphony, Media Composer and Avid Xpress software is real-time color correction, as well as 23.976 fps project support for all Media Composer systems.

Avidis new MetaSync(tm) capability, which allows editors to synchronize virtually any kind of metadata with traditional video and audio content, will also now be available on these Mac-based products.

You can find more information about the Symphony release at the Avid technology, Inc. Web site. Symphony for the Mac will be available in Q1 for US$90,000.