BBEdit 8.2, Omni Apps, Audio Hijack Pro, Ten Others Add Tiger Compatibility, More

Thursday saw news from thirteen more developers who have added Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger" compatibility to their applications: Bare Bones Software released BBEdit 8.2; The Omni Group has said that OmniGraffle and OmniOutliner updates will be available on Friday; Rogue Amoeba has released Audio Hijack Pro 2.5; Delicious Monster Software released Delicious Library 1.5; Marketcircle Inc. released DayLite 1.7.4; SubRosaSoft produced VolumeWorks 1.3; Parliant Corp. released PhoneValet 2.2; Iconfactory has released iPulse 2.1.2; Dougis AppleScripts for iTunes has made iTunes Library Manager 4.1 available; IOSPIRIT has introduced Picture Arena 1.3; Eloquent Software has issued LiveDictionary 1.1.5; MaBaSoft has released Application Wizard 1.4.1; and Boinx Software has updated iStopMotion, FotoMagico, iVeZeen, MiracleSight and Mouseposé.

BBEdit 8.2is major change is the addition of support for Automator, Tigeris assistant that helps users simplify repetitive tasks. The update also includes more than 60 performance improvements and bug fixes. Itis free for all BBEdit 8.x customers. The full version is US$199 and requires Mac OS X v10.3.5.

OmniGraffle, a diagramming application that comes in regular and Professional versions, brings in support for Tigeris Spotlight function, enabling users to easily find needed OmniGraffle files that contain specific text items, or that contain a certain number of shapes, canvases or layers.

Outlining utility OmniOutliner, which is also available in regular and Professional editions, now uses Spotlight as well. The Omni Group announced that a Beta of an upcoming upgrade will add support for Automator, so that users can automate tasks. The new versions of OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle are free for existing users. Standard and Professional versions of the former are $39.95 and $69.95, respectively, while Standard and Professional editions of the latter are $119.95 and $199.95. Both require Mac OS X v10.2.

In addition to Tiger support, Audio Hijack Pro 2.5 features a Radio input option with support for Griffinis RadioShark and D-Link DSB-R100 USB radios, a new System Audio input for recording all audio, smarter timers, performance improvements and bug fixes. A free update for registered users, the full version of Audio Hijack Pro 2.5 is $32.

Media cataloging solution Delicious Library 1.5 adds support for Spotlight and Dashboard, the latter appearing in the form of a mini-bookshelf Widget that enables users to easily look at their collections. In addition, this free update includes support for scanning and importing international items and more. The full version is $39.95 or $174.95 bundled with a wireless, Bluetooth-enabled barcode scanner.

In addition to Marketcircleis contact management utility DayLite 1.7.4, the developer has issued version 1.1 of the DayLite Mail Integration Module (DMI), a required update that includes compatibility with Apple Mail 2, which is part of Tiger. DMI integrates DayLite with Apple Mail. Both are free upgrades for registered users. The full versions of DayLite and DMI are $149 and $39 per seat, respectively, with Mac OS X v10.3.5 required.

SubRosaSoftis partitioning utility VolumeWorks 1.3 includes not only Tiger support but also better performance and a built-in lite version that offers such features as adding and deleting partitions without formatting, the ability to hide and move partitions and more for free. This upgrade is free for existing customers. The full version is $49.95 as a download or $59.95 on a CD. Mac OS X v10.3 is required.

Telephony application PhoneValetis addition of Tiger support enables users to use Spotlight to search for voice mail messages, recordings and notes in addition to other files. A free upgrade for registered users, PhoneValet 2.2 sells for $199.95 and requires Mac OS X v10.1.5, although v10.2 is recommended.

iPulse 2.1.2, which enables users to monitor such system activity as memory and CPU usage, network traffic and more, is a free update for registered users. The full version is $12.95 and Mac OS X v10.2 is required.

iTunes Library Manager 4.1, which is a free update, includes the addition of the date that the currently loaded backup library was modified to dialog boxes, as well as Tiger support. The AppleScript-based utility makes backing up iTunes libraries and preferences easy, so that users can save and retrieve different libraries and preferences at any time. The full software is $5 and requires iTunes 4.

In addition to Tiger support, the image management solution Picture Arena 1.3 features several performance enhancements and bug fixes. It uses Tiger to enable searching for images with Spotlight, better picture editing with Core Image and loading and indexing Quartz Composer files. The update is free for registered users, while the full version is $25.90 until the end of April, at which time it will rise to $29.90. Mac OS X v10.2 is required.

LiveDictionary, a Safari extension that enables fast dictionary look-ups, fixes a Mac OS X v10.3.9 bug in addition to adding Tiger support. Itis a free upgrade for registered users while the full version is $25. Mac OS X v10.3 is required.

Application Wizard 1.4.1, which can open, quit show and hide groups of applications and perform other tasks, fixes several bugs in addition to including Tiger support. Itis a free update that sells for $15 in the full version. Mac OS X v10.1 is required.

Finally, Boinx Software has recently updated all of its applications with Tiger support. In addition, iStopMotion 1.8.1 fixes bugs and improves stability while MiracleSight 1.0 has gotten new life thanks to Tigeris ability to fix a bug introduced in Mac OS X v10.3.5. MiracleSight and Mouseposéare free utilities while the other applications are free updates for registered users. iStopMotion is $39.95, FotoMagico is $79 and iVeZeen is $14.95.