BBEdit Receives Update

Bare Bones has updated their World Class text editor, BBEdit, to version 6.0.2. BBEdit allows users to manipulate text files in nearly every imaginable way, and offers color coding and layout elements that make it perfect for hand coding HTML. The new version includes a number of bug fixes and a host of new features. According to Bare Bones:

The improvements and feature additions listed here are new for BBEdit 6.0.2. To see what was added and fixed in BBEdit 6.0.1, please see the BBEdit 6.0.1 notes.

  • Added support for CHTML (compact HTML used by i-Mode cellular phones).
  • added ".cfm" to the factory default suffix mappings, mapped to HTML.
  • The entities floater is now sortable. You can sort by decimal value, by name (when sorting by name, character case is ignored, so that entities such as "&ecaute;" and "?" are together), or by character (ignoring diacriticals so that all of the "A" entities are together, for example).
  • Cancel Check Out/Modify Read Only will now pull the revision you are cancelling rather than the most recent revision. (This means you have a better chance of still being able to build the software if someone checked in underneath your MRO. Youill have to use Get Revision or Check Out Folder to make sure you have the latest. With this modified behavior a cancel is just that.)
  • Get Revision will now work on checked out and MROid files. Youill get a confirmation first that you want to discard your changes. This implies a cancel checkout/mro before fetching the desired revision.
  • Double clicking on a revision in the Get Revision dialog will simulate the OK button.
  • And much more...

BBEdit is available for US$119. You can find more information at the Bare Bones web site.