BES Introduces Two MacBook Pro Cases Made from Recycled Tires

Better Energy Systems, the maker of the Solio line of solar iPod chargers, introduced Monday two new cases for MacBook Pros that are made from recycled rubber from South American inner tubes.

The new cases are part of the companyis "tread" line of cases, and according to the company, they are, "resistant to damage from scratches, wear-and-tear, UV light, plus is impermeable by liquids, endures temperatures of up to 110º C, will not house mold, and wipes clean with one swipe."

BES harvests the material by buying truck innertubes from garages and repair centers in Columbia, thus keeping them from being burned, which is a major source of pollution.

The company has introduced two new tread sleeves, the Sleeve and the Transient Attache.

The Sleeve is just what it sounds like, a sleeve for your MacBook Pro (or a thin PC laptop). It features accented gray or black stitching, a soft corduroy lining, red sheen contrast lining, and a rugged zipper.

tread: Sleeve

The Transient Attache is a briefcase style case for your MacBook Pro. It features removable handles, "Nubuck" style lining, Italian Buckles, a soft corduroy lining, and red sheen contrast lining.

tread: Transient Attache

Unfortunately, to check out the cases, you have to wade through a slow loading and indirect Flash Web site (that looks great) -- we couldnit find a way to link directly to the products. Alternately, we were able to link directly to the cases at the companyis store.

Sleeve is priced at US$129.95 (we found at Amazon for $86.90).

Transient Attache is priced at $279.95 (Amazon price of $249.95).