BIAS announces Peak Pro 5, Peak Pro XT 5

BIAS Inc. has officially announced Peak Pro 5 and Peak Pro XT 5, new versions of the developeris professional sound recording and editing software. The latter is an Extended Technology edition that includes Peak Pro 5 as well as five new BIAS plug-ins, the developeris SoundSoap and SoundSoap Pro audio restoration plug-ins and BIAS SuperFreq 4-, 6-, 8-, and 10-band paragraphic EQ.

Peak Pro 5 offers several new features, including a revamped playlist and improved CD burning with ISRC entry and other features that conform to the Redbook specification. The software also includes support for Audio Units and VST plug-ins in Vbox, instrument playback through a dedicated keyboard window or from an external MIDI keyboard and high-resolution tape style scrubbing through Mac OS Xis CoreAudio.

In addition, Peak Pro 5is DSP algorithms have been improved and new commands allow users to recover damaged files as well as create regions faster than before. BIAS noted that it will soon make an optional extension available for DDP file export, a format required by many major record companies for delivery of master recordings.

The five new plug-ins included in Peak Pro 5 XT are: Repli-Q, an EQ matching tool; the multi-band linear-phase compression/limiter plug-ins Sqweez-3 and Sqweez-5; PitchCraft, a real-time pitch correction and transposition utility; the Gate/Expander plug-in GateEx; and Reveal, a set of analysis tools that include an oscilloscope, spectral analysis, spectrogram, pan power and more.

Peak Pro 5is revamped playlist

BIAS expects to ship Peak Pro 5 and Peak Pro 5 XT sometime in the second quarter. The former will be US$599 while the latter will sell for $1,199. Anyone who purchased Peak before April 1 can upgrade to the new version for $179; those who bought it after that date can upgrade for $39. BIAS will announced upgrade and cross-grade pricing for Peak Pro 5 XT at a later date.