BMO Capital Forecasts 2.4M+ Macs For the Quarter

BMO Capital analyst Keith Bachmann has raised his earnings estimate for AAPL from US$6.21/share to $6.36/share for FY2009 based on continuing strength of Macintosh sales. He believes Apple will report over 2.4 million Mac sales for the current quarter.

Mr. Bachmann forecasts fiscal 2009 sales growth of Macs to be 26 percent versus a modest 11.5 to 12 percent for PCs. These numbers continue the current sales growth numbers in which the Mac is growing at two to three times the rate of PCs.

The forecast places the number of Macs expected to be sold from now on at a notable and round number of 10+ million per year.

Also in the analystis forecast was a prediction for an average selling price (ASP) of the iPhone 3G of $410, up slightly from $380.

In early afternoon trading, AAPL is at US$173.63, up $3.50 for the day.

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