BRU Server Gets Support For Qualstar Tape Systems

TOLIS Group, Inc. has announced new qualification of the BRU Server application. BRU Server is a utility designed for the backup and recovery of Mac OS X server systems. The app now features support for Qualstaris RLS and TLS advanced tape products. According to TOLIS Group, Inc:

TOLIS Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that BRU Server[tm] data protection software for Linux and Mac OS X server systems has been qualified across Qualstaris RLS and TLS-Series of tape libraries.

The certification includes support of all advanced tape technologies (AIT, LTO, SDLT, SAIT, etc.) used in Qualstaris RLS and TLS products including SAIT WORM.

The TOLIS and Qualstar solution development philosophies are similar in that each company implements their core technology value across their respective product lines. The result is predicable and proven reliability and performance.

Benchmarking data on a real life Mac OS X system test platform surfaces AIT-3 streaming performance beyond manufacturer spec and minimal 0.5 system load across a range of data types.

You can find more information about BRU Server at the TOLIS Group, Inc. Web site. BRU Server pricing starts at US$699.00.