Backup Software NTI Shadow 2.0 Ships

NewTech Infosystems (NTI) on Tuesday shipped version 2.0 of NTI Shadow, its always-on data backup software. The application continuously backs up a computer, eliminating the concern over losing new data created between scheduled backups. The software can also synchronize data between a computer and internal, external or network drives.

New features in this upgrade include Smart USB Device Detection and the Job Summary Tool. The former executes a backup to a unique external drive only when its presence is detected, while the latter verifies backup configurations before initiating automatic backups. NTI Shadow includes a wizard that enables users to create specific parameters for backups, such as indicating which types of files will be included or how many revisions of a file should be saved.

Pricing is US$29.99, although NTI is offering the software for $0.99 to anyone who visits its Web site over the next 90 days. Through Nov. 15, the company is also giving away a Creative Labs MP3 player, 1GB flash drives and other prizes to consumers who download and use a 50% off coupon available on its Web site.