Bains Software Updates And Upgrades Two New Apps

Bains Software has released an update for MacDICT and a new version of Mail Beacon for Mac users. MacDICT is a client for the DICT protocol for database browsing. The update fixes recent bugs. Mail Beacon is an email client app designed for the sending/receiving and management of email. The latest version features improved sorting and unlimited email account checking. According to Bains Software:

Bains Software is pleased to announce the update of two of their products today.

MacDICT has been updated to v2.6, to fix reported bugs with the recent v2.5 release.

Mail Beacon has been completely redesigned and rethought with this 2.0 release. Mail Beacon alerts you of new mail in an unlimited number of accounts, and allows you to delete spam and other problematic messages before they reach your email client.


  • Checks an unlimited number of email accountsSupports both POP3 and IMAP4
  • Built-in address book, reminders, and password protection
  • Filters email on server
  • Sort by Date, Subject, or Sender
  • Reply to, Forward, and Redirect messages
  • Easy-to-use interface

You can find more information about the MacDICT update and latest Mail Beacon release at the Bains Software Web site. Mail Beacon 2.0 and MacDICT are available for US$10.00.