Baltimore Sun Names iPod mini This Year's "Must-Have" Gift

The Baltimore Sun has added to the coverage Appleis iPod is getting. Naming the iPod mini, in particular, as this yearis "must-have" gift, the article looks at how hard the mini has become to find.

"From New York to San Francisco, there are reports of shoppers entering Apple and other retail stores seeking the business-card sized, $250 gadget and coming away with nothing but sour grapes when they learn theyire sold out," wrote Baltimore Sun reporter Joe Burriss. "Online shoppers similarly are being stymied: Yesterday, for example, iPod minis were iunavailablei on Targetis Web site and iout of stocki on J&R Electronicsi site.

Mr. Burriss also notes that three of the iPod minis have long ranked as the top three most popular items in several categories at Amazon, that prices have been going up on eBay as Christmas has gotten close, and that Best Buy has inventory in its stores as it shifted its online inventory to brick and mortar stores in recent days.

The iPod has garnered a lot of press during the last year, but with the December quarter expected to be the best iPod quarter to date, press hype has picked up correspondingly.

You can find the full article at the Baltimore Sunis Web site.