Barcode X Updated With EAN-14 Support

The Peninsula Group has released an update for Barcode X. Barcode X is a utility for creating and managing barcode based inventory. The update features EAN-14 printing and scanning support. According to Peninsula Group:

Peninsula Group announce the shipping of the Peninsula Barcode X Application with EAN 14 support.
The latest update has support for the EAN 14 Barcode Type which allows you to encode barcodes for use on outer boxes.

Also now included is support for type tracking to allow accurate reproduction of the type from a previously made barcode.

A new drop and check feature which allows an eps barcode to be dropped onto Barcode to instantly view its settings either to remake or to check.Barcode X supports Mac OS Classic, and Mac OSX including Panther.

You can find more information about the Barcode X release at the Peninsula Group Web site. Barcode X is available strating at US$63.00.