Battle For The Sudan At New Movie's Web Site

We mentioned in todayis QuickTime QuickPicks that Appleis movie trailer site was featuring some exclusive trailers for an upcoming movie called The Four Feathers. This movie is set in the 19th century around Britainis colonial wars in Africa, specifically in North Africa. Accompanying the movieis Web site is a great, and free, Flash game that allows you to "Battle for the Sudan" against your computer, or against other people playing the game.

(Click on the screen shot for a larger image)

The game is roughly based on Stratego with a bit of chess thrown in, and is quite engaging. Making the game a bit more challenging is the fact that, as with Stratego, you donit know the strength of your opponentis units without trial and error combat. The two sides are comprised of British Regulars, and Mahdi tribesmen, the two forces depicted in the movie itself. Itis an impressive game that really shows what can be done with Flash, and if you like simple strategy board games, Battle for the Sudan is for you.

When you first pull up the gameis page, you will need to scroll down until you see the obvious entry point for the game. Clicking on that entry point will get a dialogue box asking you for a screen name. Enter a screen name (itis not permanent, and there are no rankings, so donit worry to much about this), and you will be taken to "The Barracks," where you can challenge another player, or play against the computer. You will need Flash 5 or better to play this game.