BeLight Software Introduces Page Layout App Swift Publisher

BeLight Software on Wednesday introduced Swift Publisher, a page layout application that can be used to design and print flyers, newsletters, brochures and similar types of documents. Swift Publisher includes templates that cover a wide variety of document types, a library of images, integration with iPhoto and the ability to export files as PDFs, TIFFs or JPGs.

Swift Publisher also includes many of the features found in other desktop publishing programs, such as text flow from column to column or page to page, text wrapping around objects, adjustable layout guides, support for multi-page documents, background and foreground layers that can be manipulated independently, the ability to control the transparency and tint of images and more.

The software is coming next month, according to BeLightis Web site. No pricing was given, but Swift Publisher is compatible with Mac OS X v10.3 and v10.4.