Be A Certified Third Party Mac Geek

Press 3 has announced a certification program for technically inclined Mac users. The certification system is designed as an alternative to Apple Certifications. Three levels of certification exist, and those who pass the top level exam are designated as Mac Certified Systems Engineers. According to Press 3:

Press 3™ - for tech support, has announced a certification program targeted toward experienced Mac technical
individuals. The certifications are designed to meet a lack of available third party certification programs for Mac techs.

Press 3 Certifications are marketed as a alternative to Apple Certifications and do not directly compete with anything Apple provides. By remaining independent, Press 3 is allowed to set their own certification criteria.

Press 3 offers three certifications with a possibility of earning a fourth. This includes the primary areas of the Mac including Mac OS X, Mac Classic, and Mac Hardware. Each examination is 60 questions in length and presented rapidly online with only a 45 second window per question. Passing all three certifications gives individuals a MacCSE or Mac Certified Systems Engineer Certification.

You can find more information about the certification program at the Press3 Web site. The certification exams are available for US$99.95.