Become The Newest Member Of Kraftwerk With Klangfarben

SONOLUCA has released Klangfarben as freeware. Klangfarben is a realtime animation software designed for use with music for multi-media presentations. Klangfarben ships with render capabilites and a MIDI imterface for music/video sych. According to SONOLUCA:

SONOLUCA announced the immediate availability of the realtime animation software Klangfarben as a freeware "Public Player" version.

Klangfarben has been used exclusively by SONOLUCA for all their art installations. Since 1997 Klangfarben has been used in Clubs, concerts and on fairs in order to reach a sensual connection of sound and picture. This synesthesis is achieved by different techniques of the analysis of audio signals.

Through the MIDI interface and with the help of a keyboard or a Synthesizers, you are able to "play" Klangfarben directly. The software can be likewise used as receiver or as sender of MIDI signals. Apart from all the real time effects Klangfarben offers also the possibility to render Quicktime movies. The composed animations and effects are rendered directly to the audio file, so that the resulting movie is a tonesynchronous videoclip.

You can find more information about Klangfarben at the SONOLUCA Web site. Klangfarben is available as freeware.