Beef Up That ATA Drive With Alchemy 133

Miglia Technology is now shipping the AlchemyATA133 card. The AlchemyATA133 expansion card is an ATA PCI upgrade designed to increase system performance by expanding bandwidth for data transfer to 133MB/s. AlchemyATA133 also has support for beefcake drives over 137GB. According to Miglia Technology:

Miglia Technology, today announces the availability of its new ATA PCI upgrade, the AlchemyATA133. Also available is a download from that will transform an Alchemy ATA100 card into an ATA133. The new Alchemy ATA133 card offers 133MB/s available bandwidth for data transfer.

Both the new native Alchemy ATA133 and the updated Alchemy ATA100 are immediately compatible with the latest hard drives available from companies such as Western Digital. The Alchemy ATA133 card will also support hard drives that are over 137GB (128GB in the real world, drive manufacturers take 1MB = 1000KB and not 1024KB ) in size.

The Alchemy ATA100/133 continues to be OSX compatible and provides some stunning performance improvements, providing a bandwidth of 133 Megabytes/second on each of the 2 channels. Of course, the Alchemy ATA 133 PCI card is fully compatible with Mac OS 8.6 to 9.x and Mac OS X (including 10.1) and best of all, you can use a hard drive attached to the card as a boot volume for maximum system performance.

You can find more information about the AlchemyATA133 card upgrade at the Miglia Technology Web site. The AlchemyATA133 card is available for US$133.63.