Belle Nuit Subtitler Updated With Expanded Languages

Belle Nuit Montage has releaszed an update for Belle Nuit Subtitler, bringing it to version 1.4. Belle Nuit Subtitler is a utility designed for editing subtitles in Final Cut or Avid editing programs. The update features individual tags formation and expanded language support. According toBelle Nuit Montage:

Belle Nuit Montage announces the immediate release of Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.4.

Belle Nuit Subtitler is a standalone program to edit and render subtitles for using in Avid or in Final Cut Pro. With Subtitler, translators can prepare the subtitles themselves, freeing the editor from typing time and error. Subtitler renders full quality antialiased titles with alpha-Channel in PAL, NTSC, HD in 4:3 and 16:9 to the standard formats TIFF and PICT.

Fonts, styles, colors, position, opacity, alignments, borders, shadows and blurring are customizable. Subtitler is currently the fastest solution working with nonlinear editors and does not need any specific hardware.

New features:

  • titles can be formated individually with tags
  • extension (tiff or tif) can be defined by the user
  • size of the preview and the title list editor can be defined by the user
  • new xml file format will make interchange with other applications easier
  • multiple language interface (english, french and german)

You can find more information about the Belle Nuit Subtitler update at the Belle Nuit Montage Web site. Belle Nuit Subtitler is available for US$89.00.