Bento Releases Free Bento 2 Holiday Pack for Organizing Holidays

FileMaker, Inc. announced Tuesday the release of a free Holiday Pack for Bento 2. The package includes several templates and other tools for organizing your holidays, including sending holiday cards, organizing and tracking (and budgeting!) your gift buying, and doing it all with holiday themed templates.

The package comes with a Contacts & Cards template that allows users to apply the power of a database to keeping their holiday card giving and receiving organized. According to FileMaker, "you can easily check off who sent you what and when, track card recipientsi names, addresses, family members, pertinent notes, and even add images of the actual photos and cards youive received."

On the gift-giving side, the Holiday Pack includes a template for tracking and budgeting presents. With those templates you can track who youive purchased a gift for, the cost of that gift, and add a picture of the present, if you so choose. This template also tracks donations, and will give you a holistic tally of your spending on presents and donations.

Lastly, the Pack comes with holiday themes you can apply to your templates for those want to be in the season when they tabulating their seasonal efforts.

The Holiday Pack comes with a free 30 day trial of Bento 2, and is available for download at FileMakeris site. The Bento 2 Holiday Pack works only on Macs running Mac OS X 10.5.4 or later. Bento 2 is priced at US$49 for a full version, but the Holiday Pack is free.