Besieged Tech Writer Responds to Mac Community

Bob Keefe, who writes for Cox News, asked Steve Jobs a question recently about the Intel Inside sticker program. Even though Mr. Jobs answered the question charmingly, some in the Mac community didnit like the question and besieged the writer with epithets. Mr. Keefe responded in his Blog on Friday.

"Iim the Jackass of the Week," Mr. Keefe wrote.

The journalist expressed concern that no one called him or contacted him to ask about what he was up to. Mr. Keefe explained that he was working on a story for Cox News related to the "future of the long-running iIntel Insidei program" which will run on Sunday.

The authoris final observation was that the event reminded him "how scarily quick people can get stirred up in today?s Internet world if somebody else even hints ? even if incorrectly ? that something might be connected with something that?s important to them."