Beta Version Of Revolution From Runtime

Runtime Revolution has released a beta version of Revolution bringing it to version 1.1.1. b1. Revolution is a cross-platform development tool designed for application programing. The beta version is ready for public testing and includes English-like language. According to Runtime Revolution:

Runtime Revolution is pleased to announce version 1.1.1 beta 1 of Revolution the leading edge cross-platform development tool. As part of our support for the developer community we are making trial versions of the beta for Mac OS, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux available for free download.

Revolution allows developers to write their software once and deliver it on all major platforms. Using Revolutions powerful English-like programming language, easy to use GUI builder and development tools developers can create software quickly and easily. Revolution allows developers to create custom software solutions, multimedia and graphics, internet and database front end applications.

You can find more information about the beta version of Revolution at the Runtime Revolution Web site. The Revolution beta version is available freeware.