Beta Version Of Xoggle Gets Enhancements And Interface Mods

Drew Hamlin has released a beta version of Xoggle, bringing it to version 1C65. Xoggle is an open-sourced version of the classic game Boggle. Xoggle features networkable gameplay and a full dictionary word list. The latest version features performance enhancements and interface modifications. According to Drew Hamlin:

Xoggle, the open-source Boggle game developement effort, was updated today from developer Drew Hamlin of Vizspring Software.

Xoggle is an open-source, networkable game of the popular classic game Boggle. It includes a full dictionary word list as well as REALbasic and text-based source code.

Changes in release 1C65:

  • Updated default time setting and word scoring to better comply with the official Boggle rules
  • Added system messages for user actions
  • Network games can now be started (but are not yet scored)
  • Chat flooding is now prevented on both the client and server sides
  • Fixed a bug which would allow cheating by using menus to stop the clock (the time is now measured with the system clock, rather than with a timer)
  • Added three-time pause limit per game (pausing does not yet extend to the other players over a network game, but it will in the next release)
  • Many various interface modifications

Note: As of the current version, multiplayer networking is still under development.

You can find more information about theXoggle beta release at the Drew Hamlin Web site. Xoggle is available as freeware.

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