Beta Version Of Xoggle Takes Steps Closer To Multiplayer Support

Drew Hamlin has released a beta version of Xoggle, bringing it to version 1C45. Xoggle is an open-sourced version of the classic game Boggle. Xoggle features networkable gameplay and a full dictionary word list. The latest version features bug fixes and other minor enhancements. According to Drew Hamlin:

Xoggle, the open-source Boggle game developement effort, was updated today from developer Drew Hamlin of Vizspring Software.

Xoggle is an open-source, networkable game of the popular classic game Boggle. It includes a full dictionary word list as well as REALbasic and text-based source code.

Changes in release 1C45:

  • Added early networking capibilities (host & join)
  • New slightly modified single player interface
  • Added new optional word fading
  • Added the ability to pause the game
  • Game time is now a user-definable preference option
  • Word scoring is now displayed throughout the game
  • Fixed a bug where a letter could be used twice some words with diagionals
  • Fixed a bug where words could still be entered after the end of a game

Note: As of the current version, multiplayer networking is still under development.

You can find more information about theXoggle beta release at the Drew Hamlin Web site. Xoggle is available as freeware.

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