Bias Demonstrates SoundSoap 2

BOSTON -- Bias, makers of the Peak audio editing product, is demonstrating its entry-level audio cleanup/filtering product, SoundSoap 2, at this yearis Boston Macworld Expo. SoundSoap functions as a simple interface for audio cleanup to reduce clicks, hissing, buzzing and ambient noises present in audio files. It does this with a one-step interface that features a Learn Noise button which samples a sound file, reduces distortion and then allows it to be saved with the changes.

Manual control of the cleanup process is also accessible through the softwareis Enhance control. A Preserve Human Voice filter helps reduce noise and other audio outside the human vocal range while a Hum filter can further reduce ambient noise.

SoundSoap 2 can be used as a standalone program and can also function within a plug-in architecture to and compatible structures that use Audio Units, DirectX, RTAS or VST host programs. The program can work with individual files, which can then be saved and imported into iMovie for additional editing.

SoundSoap 2 requires a 400 MHz or faster G4 or G5 processor, Mac OS X 10.2 or later, QuickTime 6.5 or later, 128 MB or later and 20 MB of hard disk space to run. The package is available at a $99 base price, with a $49 upgrade price from the original version.