Big Nerd Ranch Announced OpenGl BootCamp in Germany

Big Nerd Ranch Europe announced on Thursday that it will be offering a five day OpenGL Bootcamp in Germany this September. The training series will be held at the old monastery Kloster Eberbach near Frankfurt, Germany, from September 10 through September 14.

The Bootcamp will focus on techniques for taking advantage of hardware acceleration, shaders and blending, and integrating video. Attendees will also learn about frame-based and time-based animation, colors, lighting and blending, vertex and fragment programs and shaders, and more.

The OpenGL Bootcamp will be taught by Rocco Bowling, and includes a copy of OpenGL Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL, Version 2. The event is priced at €2,800 (about US$3,751.16), and additional information is available at the Big Nerd Ranch Web site.