Big Nerd Ranch Announces Frankfurt iPhone Bootcamp

Now that Apple has eased itis restriction prohibiting iPhone software developers from talking code, Big Nerd Ranch has scheduled an iPhone Bootcamp near Frankfurt, Germany. The event is scheduled for December 8 through December 12 in Kloster Eberbach.

The multi-day class does not require any Objective-C, Mac or iPhone coding experience. Event topics will include drawing with Quartz and OpenGL, working with multi-touch events, using toolbars and view controllers, accessing telephone and Web services, using the camera function, and more.

Big Nerd Ranch added a European iPhone Bootcamp to run from February 9 through February 13, 2009. The training camps are priced at €2,800 (about US$3,865.49), and attendees can register at the Big Nerd Ranch Web site.