Blackfriars: Apple Marketing for the Time Poor

A significant difference in the marketing approach by Apple compared to Microsoft is driven by Appleis minimalist design and interfaces, according to Blackfriarsi Marketing.

In contrast, Microsoft is all about giving lots of options, and that shows up as well in the design of its Websites.

Some analysts think this determined by the difference between the two types of internet users, Time Rich (more time than money) and Time Poor (more money than time). For example, analyst Jeremy Liew noted that "a lot of search engines, ecommerce, and comparison shopping engines are designed for Time Poor users, while social networks, social discovery, and video websites are designed for Time Rich users."

The demographic gulf between these two groups needs to be taken into account by the advertiser, and thatis exactly what Apple and Microsoft have apparently done. Apple doesnit provide a million options to the customer, as if they were an IT Manager agonizing over options. Instead, Apple simply presents the idea that hereis the way to do it, and provides minimalist options.

In the past, TMO notes, the difference between the two different approaches was lampooned beautifully in video that showed how Microsoft would package their own version of an iPod.

Perhaps more important, the difference in marketing approaches can further aggravate cultural differences in the camps. Blackfriaris concluded, "Thatis why the two communities have such a difficult time understanding each other -- they are struggling to bridge the gap between the Time Rich and Time Poor. It also says that any attempts to convert the otheris customers will require techniques that feel very foreign to each community. So next time Apple rolls out an ad that Apple users really hate, donit think that Apple has lost its marketing mojo; they may just be trying to appeal to Microsoftis target audience."