Blam! Positive Spin Media Releases BombSquad 1.1

Positive Spin Mediais BombSquad has been updated, bringing it to version 1.1. BombSquad is a self-described "rip-off of a classic game," namely Minesweeper. New in version 1.1 is an Online Record Book, where you can compare your scores with other registered users. From Positive Spin Media:

Positive Spin Media is pleased to announce the availability of BombSquad 1.1, an updated shareware game for Mac OS X. BombSquad takes the good looks of Mac OS X and its Aqua interface, and mixes it liberally with the popular Windows Minesweeper puzzle/game. The result? A nimble rip-off of a classic game. BombSquad is shareware, and reasonably priced at $5.

Thinking different

Too many OS X games look like warmed-over versions of their Windows counterparts. BombSquad starts from scratch with a look and feel that is true to the Mac you love. In a word: Aqua-licious! BombSquad also enhances this well-known game with features like "Crunch Time" (a period of time after tripping a bomb where you can save yourself by marking another one) and individualized preferences for sound, difficulty, and more.

Get the recognition you deserve

New in version 1.1, BombSquad now features an Online Record Book where scores from all registered users are stored. The Record Book and be sifted and sorted in a variety of ways - see if you are the best in your country! Finally, you can be publicly recognized for your BombSquadery.

BombSquad 1.1 is US$5 shareware, and is available now. You can download it from Positive Spin Mediais Web site.