Blockdot Releases Fowl Words Version 2

Blockdot has released an new version of Fowl Words, bringing it to version 2. Fowl Words 2 is a typing based game designed to improve a users typing skills. According to Blockdot:

Dallas based, Blockdot has released a new game for casual gamers that may make them a little smarter and improve their typing and word skills. Fowl Words 2, which can be found at, is the sequel to their very popular word game Fowl Words. Seven plucky hens lay eggs for players to try and clear from conveyor belts before the eggs fall off the edge.

Sound simple? The unique twist is the way you clear the eggs. Players must type the words that the lettered eggs form in order to save the eggs. Type the wrong letter and the hens let out a cackle of “uh-oh’s”.

Both students and adults are getting into the game. Blockdot has received emails from teachers saying that the games are challenging to their students and are being used as an instructional tool. Several schools have contacted Blockdot about licensing their games to be used in their classrooms and computer labs.

You can find more information about Fowl Words 2 at the Kewlbox Web site. Fowl Words 2 is available as freeware.