Blockdot Shipping New Detective Game Titled: Super Sleuth

Blockdot has released an new game for Mac users, Super Sleuth. Super Sleuth is a game where the object is to solve a crime using clues and detective work. Players enter a crime scene, collect evidence, and then bring the criminal to justice. According to Blockdot:

Somebody has been double dipping in the salsa bowl!

Our newest release - Super Sleuth, a unique game where you must solve a crime that has been committed. This Advergame was developed in conjunction with DIRECTV and Court TV to promote Court TV’s new investigative style of programming. Search for evidence and finger the guilty culprit. Can you determine who did it? The game is FREE to download and play for Mac OSX.

You can find more information about Super Sleuth at the Kewlbox Web site. Super Sleuth is available as freeware.