Blog: The Sexiest Computer Ever

Steve Casimiro wrote in his National Geographic blog that while the MacBook Air is just a computer, itis the sexiest laptop ever. Despite apparent technical shortcomings on paper, the computer has to be touched and used to be appreciated.

"Breathe, must remember to breathe. Itis just a computer. Really, just a computer. Breathe, son, breathe. Keep telling yourself itis just a computer," Mr. Casimiro wrote, waxing whimsical.

Photo Credit: National Geographic

The author noted that itis, well, just a computer that processes words, but after touching it, the sensation is that somehow itis more than that. "That sleek, svelte silhouette ... itis like nothing youive ever laid your hands on. And yes, you have to lay your hands on it to get the full effect," Mr. Casimiro waxed eloquent. "You can YouTube the imanila envelopei ad like itis a Victoriais Secret fashion show, but thereis no substitute for touching. Itis true for Victoria (Iim guessing) and itis true for the Air."

The National Geographic writer admitted that his purchase decision may have been foolish -- he may have been swept away with lust. The "Air," however, is more than just a hot piece of sculpted aluminum because it could totally replace your current laptop, despite its modest sounding specs and 1.6 GHz speed.

In fact, the specs which some people dwell on, seem to melt away for this irresistible ultra-portable. The author sought to address that by discussing, in detail, the size, computing power and absence of optical drive -- and how he dealt with those issues, a show-stopper on paper for some prospective customers.

In the end, Mr. Casimiro believes that many of the reviews have missed the key point. "Of course the Air is sexy and of course the Air is imperfect -- but itis far more versatile than most believe. The Air is designed to be a leading edge, attention-getting product. By that measure, itis a smashing success. The surprise is that the deeper, more fundamental qualities -- computing, usability, comfort -- also make it a smashing success. You should give it a closer look. Make that itouchi," he advised -- with unrestrained joy.