Bluetooth Coming To The Mac: Get Wireless With phones, PDAs & More!

At the MW Tokyo keynote, Steve Jobs presented a demo of Bluetooth wireless connectivity with OS X, and introduced an upcoming USB Bluetooth adapter to let your Mac communicate with Bluetooth-enabled peripherals, mobile phones, PDAs and more. From the Apple press release:

"Apple was the first to build in Ethernet, one of the first to build in USB, the first to build in FireWire, and the first to build in 802.11 wireless networking," said Steve Jobs, Appleis CEO. "Now weire offering a Bluetooth solution that actually works and is easy to use."

iWireless gets more personal,i promises Appleis new product information:

In a nutshell, Bluetooth unplugs your digital peripherals and makes cable clutter a thing of the past. With Bluetooth technology for Mac OS X, you can link your Palm OS-based handheld device, Bluetooth-enabled cell phone and peripherals with your PowerBook G4, iBook, Power Mac G4 or iMac -- and do it wirelessly, within a 30-foot range.

Thereill be a preview of the new connectivity software available to download and a USB adapter hitting the shelves in early April. You can find out more about Appleis Bluetooth implementations at Appleis website, or discover more about Bluetooth itself at the official Bluetooth SIG site.