Bluetooth Firmware Update for Tiger

Apple released a Bluetooth Firmware updater for Mac OS X 10.4.3 on Monday. The updater improves Bluetooth performance and reliability, but the Mac models it is intended for is a bit confusing. From Appleis Web site:

The Bluetooth Firmware Updater supports D-Link USB Adapters and Apple internal Bluetooth modules on the following CPUs:
iMac G4 (Gooseneck)
12" Titanium PowerBook
15" Titanium PowerBook
iMac G5
Mac Mini

Presumably, "iMac G4 (Gooseneck)" refers to the iMac G4 (Flat Panel). Also, there is no 12-inch Titanium PowerBook, so its unclear if this update is intended for the Aluminum or Titanium PowerBook product line.

The updater does not yet show up in Software Update, and is only available as a download from Appleis Web site. Until Apple clarifies which Mac models this update is intended for, TMO advises not to install it.