Bob "Mac OS X For Dummies" LeVitus On Tonight's Mac Show

Tonightis Mac Show will feature Bob LeVitus, whose most recent book is Mac OS X For Dummies. Mr. LeVitus will be joined by Stan Flack of MacMinute to talk about everyoneis favorite topic, MACWORLD Expo. From The Mac Show:

The Featured Guest on the show this Wednesday, seven days before Steve Jobsis Keynote at Macworld Expo, will be the always entertaining Bob Levitus with his thoughts on the Apple of the past 6 months and what the future might hold.

The Mac Showis Special Guest this Wednesday will be Stan Flack, Publisher of MacMinute. Shawn and Stan will also discuss what might happen at Expo next week.

In the Tech Tips segment, sponsored by Micromatis Tech Tool Pro 3, Shawn talks to Ed McGarr Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Sorenson. Last week, Sorensone released their latest codec for QuickTime. Ed will explain what all of that means. :-)

Peter Cohen of MacCentral will have all the Mac Game news, Mark Stevens has Mac Media Pro, Ron Fairbairn is back with Mac Basics and Shawn will the final segment of his Macworld Expo Special Report.

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