Boost Final Cut Power With A Plug-In Effects Package

Virtix, Inc. has released a new set of plug-ins for Final Cut Pro users, Virtix Effects for FCP. Virtix Effects is a special effects package plug-in designed for digital image manipulation. The package ships with over 30 effects including a Laser effect and Snow. According to Virtix:

Virtix, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of Virtix Effects for Final Cut Pro. This package allows Final Cut Pro users to apply new special effects under the Final Cut Pro interface.

This package contains several all-new effects, like Bubbles, Rain and Snow (just in time for Christmas!) A new point-to-point Laser effect allows the user to create a glowing beam of light between two keyframable points - useful for science fiction saber duels. A point-to-point lightning effect called Zap allows you to create an electrical arc between two keyframable points.

The other effects in this package are a selection of effects, previously made available as part of eight packages of effects for iMovie, which have been revised and updated for use in Final Cut Pro. Effects like Blur Edges, Funhouse, Glint, Spotlight and Witness Protection make use of keyframable positions. Other effects now have additional capabilities and keyframable sliders not available in the iMovie version.

You can find more information about the Virtix Effects release at the Virtix Web site. Virtix Effects is available for US$124.99 until December 31st.