Boost iMovie Power With A Plug-In Effects Package

Virtix, Inc. has released the Virtix Sample Pack for iMovie users. The Virtix Sample Pack is a plug-in effects pack designed for iMovie, and features three effects including a Letterbox function. The app uses the recently released iMovie SDK, and is compatible with iMovie 2.0.1 and up, and 2.1 on OS X. According to Virtix:

Virtix, Inc. announces the immediate availability of the Virtix Sample Pack for iMovie, the first freeware special effects that utilize the new iMovie(R) Plug-in Software Development Kit from Apple Computer(R) (NASDAQ:AAPL). Appleis iMovie SDK allows these professional-grade special effects to be seamlessly integrated into iMovieis user interface.

The Virtix Sample Pack contains "Extreme Black and White", "Flame", and "Letterbox."

  • "Extreme Black and White" turns an iMovie clip into an abstract high-contrast image
  • "Flame" adds more excitement to your action scenes by making it look like the room is on fire
  • And no iMovie user should be without "Letterbox," a special effect that gives video the look of a widescreen movie

You can find more information about the Virtix Sample Pack at the Virtix, Inc. Web site. The Virtix Sample Pack is available as freeware.