Boost iMovie Power With A Plug-In Effects Package

Virtix, Inc. has released a new app for iMovie users, Virtix Pan & Scan. Virtix Pan & Scan is an effects package plug-in designed for creating digital movement accross an image. The app ships with variable speed and vector control. According to Virtix:

Virtix, Inc. announces the immediate availability of Virtix Pan & Scan for iMovie. Virtix Pan & Scan contains 10 special effects that allow the user to move back and forth between portions of a video clip.

A "pan" is the act of turning the camera from one position to another, either to follow an object or create a panoramic look. "Pan & scan" is the technical term for simulating a pan after the video has been shotby zooming in on one portion of an image and moving to another portion.

Virtix Pan & Scan allows iMovie users to move across an image at a constant speed, or gently speed up at the beginning and slow down at the end of the panning motion. Virtix Pan & Scan contains effects to hold the position at the beginning and end of a pan. One effect combines two other effects by doing a half-second swish pan and holding the position at the end of the motion. Each effect has a version optimized for clips with motion and a separate effect optimized for still photos.

You can find more information about the Virtix Pan & Scan release at the Virtix Web site. Virtix Pan & Scan is available for US$19.99 each.