Boston Herald Gives Mac mini High Marks

Appleis newest Mac, the Mac mini, has style, grace, and is affordable, according to a review of the product in the Boston Herald. Reviewer Tom Rose wrote that the mini is easy to set up and use, and that the iLife i05 suite that ships with the mini is itself worth the purchase price of the machine.

"Those new to Apple computers are sure to be amazed at the projects they produce, even after minimal practice," said Mr. Rose about iLife, the creativity suite of iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, and iDVD that comes with the Mac mini.

Highlighting iTunes, iMovie, and iPhoto specifically, Mr. Rose said that "turning photos and movies into video projects has never been easier," and said that the integration between Appleis hardware and software is nearly seamless.

The three page reviewis only complaints were that some users would want to also invest in third party manuals written for Appleis iLife applications, and that people should buy a good set of stereo speakers to use with the unit.

The flood of positive reviews for the Mac mini has slowed down in recent weeks as the newness wore off, but the Heraldis review joins dozens of others in the mainstream press singing the praise of the inexpensive Mac. You can find the full review at the Boston Heraldis Web site.