Boswell Updated With Panther Support

Copernican Technologies, Inc. has released an OS X version of Boswell 3.1.2. Boswell is a text management app designed for organizing and archiving. The update adds Panther support. According to Copernican Technologies:

Copernican Technologies, Inc. today released a new OS X version of their highly innovative Macintosh application, Boswell 3.1.2.

Boswell flexibly archives, organizes, manipulates, and retrives a useris personal text: e-mail, Web clippings, contact info, research, and their own writings among others.

Boswell flexibly archives, organizes, manipulates, and retrieves any text you give it: original writings, e-mail, instant messages, Web clippings, research, and class notes among others.

This update, Boswell 3.1.2, is required for the new Panther version of the Mac OS.

You can find more information about the Boswell release at the Copernican Technologies, Inc. Web site. Boswell 3.1.2 is available for US$99.95.