Box It Up! iListen Boxed Version Now Available

MacSpeech has released the boxed version of their iListen dictation software for the Macintosh. Announced at last summeris MACWORLD NY conference, iListen was released as a downloadable final product a few weeks back. Now, however, users may also order a boxed version complete with all the niceties of a physical product. According to MacSpeech:

We sent you an email a few weeks ago announcing the download version ofiListen 1.0.1 was available. Since many of you arenit able to download a40MB file, we wanted to make sure you knew the CD version of iListen 1.0.1is now shipping!

iListen has been receiving rave reviews! Jason Weber, the Lead Programmerfor Microsoftis Macintosh Business Unit had this to say: "I have rarelyseen two products compliment each other like iListen and Microsoft Office2001 for the Macintosh. Productivity and simplicity at itis finest."

Apple Senior VP Clent Richardson was also excited to hear iListen isavailable. Referring to our exclusive TalkAnywhere? technology, he said:"MacSpeechis TalkAnywhere is an excellent choice for dictation, as well ascommand and control of Macintosh applications."

iListen is available for US$109.95. Also available are a number of feature enhancing script packs that are discounted if bought in groups of five or more, and a high quality headset/mic that is also available at a discount if purchased at the same time as the program. You can find more information at the MacSpeech web site.