Break Out The Acid Wash & Trapper Keepers: Mumbo Jumbo Brings Back The 80's [Updated]

[Update: This article was updated with a clarification on when the Mac version would be released. - Editor]

Mumbo Jumbo has announced the upcoming release of some oldie but goodie hits with the Activision Anthology collection. Featuring classic Activision games and tunes, the Anthology ships with such 80is hits as Pitfall! and Chopper Command. According to Mumbo Jumbo and MacPlay:

Retro game fans, rejoice! Soon you will be able to play your favorite old-school Activision games on your personal computer courtesy of Mumbo Jumbo, a subsidiary of United Developers, LLC.

The i80s are back with classic gaming collection Activision Anthology: Remix Edition for personal computer systems. The Remix edition is jam-packed with over 75 Atari 2600 favorites from Pitfall! and Kaboom! to River Raid¨.

Activision Anthology: Remix Edition features an additional 30 titles that where not available on the PLAYSTATION 2 version, and a i80s-themed soundtrack that will let gamers play their way down memory lane.

To help make the trip back to the i80s complete, Activision Anthology: Remix Edition also includes original hits, licensed by MumboJumbo specifically for the PC and Mac, from the erais hottest artists including Fresh Prince, Flock of Seagulls, Alan Parsons Project, Billy Ocean and many more.

You can find more information about Activision Anthology at the MacPlay Web site. The Activision Anthology will be available in October for the PC at US$29.99. MacPlay spokespersons told us that the Mac version will be released in November.