Brown University Newspaper Publishes Interview With Ellen Feiss

T he Ellen Feiss Phenomenon (EFP) has been one of the most interesting developments in the Mac community in recent memory. Ms. Feiss was Appleis first, and so far only, superstar Switcher, appearing on the big screen during Steve Jobsi keynote at Macworld New York, this past July. Though many people attending the keynote asked such things as "whatis with the stoned chick?," many more people were soon asking questions like "where can I find out more about the stoned chick?" That was attested to when it was pointed out to TMO that Appleis Switch ad page for Ms. Feiss was the number one result at Google when searching for "stoned chick."

The Mac Observer has held since day one that Ms. Feiss was not stoned, mainly because it is obvious that the producers of the commercials wouldnit allow a minor to toke up before shooting, and Apple wouldnit air the commercial for the same reason. In an interview published by Post magazine, a weekly feature of Brown Universityis independent newspaper The Brown Daily Herald, Ms. Feiss sets the record straight on that. According to the interview, the first such interview we know of, seasonal allergies and an antihistamine were responsible for her appearance. Of course, thereis more to the interview than that. Snippets from the Post magazine interview:

How did you get involved with the Apple switch campaign in the first place?
Itis kind of a funny story. Iim friends with the son of the director, Errol Morris. Iim friends with his son Hamilton. I went with him after school, him and two of my friends. We didnit think we were going to make ads; we were just going to get the free set food. So we go there, and theyire like, "We need a couple more people, so I guess the three of you can make ads." So we all made ads, and me and Hamiltonis got picked. I had no idea I was going to do it until I got there.

Is the story you told true?
Oh yeah, itis definitely true.

What was the paper about?
It was about Chinatown, and the formation of Chinatowns in America. I lost like three pages of it; it was terrible. It was a really, really good paper.

Do you have a favorite switch ad besides your own?
Probably Hamilton, just because I know him, and I saw him make it. It was so funny. Me and Hamilton have decided that our new nemesis is Jeremiah Cohick. Heis our age, and heis trying to steal our limelight! We decided we donit like him. Weire out to get him.

Do you feel any connection to the Dell dude?
No, none whatsoever. That guyis a doofus. I get a lot of "What if you guys had kids?" And Iim like, "What if we had kids?" Why would you ask that? What a weird question. Theyid probably be blond.

There is a lot more in the full interview, and we recommend it as a good read. You can see Ellen Feissi Switch ad at Appleis Web site.