Bundled App CD Now Shipping

OpenOSX.com is now shipping the bunddled app CD, OpenOSX Database 2.0. OpenOSX Database 2.0 installs and configures powerful and popular relational database management systems including PostgreSQL and Apache Web server. According to OpenOSX.com:

The OpenOSX Database CD will install and configure a host of powerful applications with the ease you might expect as a Macintosh user. The second Edition of the CD brings PostgreSQL and Mac OS 10.0.x through 10.1 compatibility.

The OpenOSX Database CD installs and correctly configures the following popular programs:

  • Apache Web Server 1.3.20
  • PHP 4.0.6
  • MySQL 3.23.99
  • phpMyAdmin 2.20.0
  • MyODBC 2.50.38
  • iODBC 3.0.5
  • pdf_lib 4.0.1 (demo mode)
  • PostgreSQL 7.1.2
  • phpPGAdmin 2

The OpenOSX Database CD is bundled with complete documentation in HTML and PDF formats, limited technical support and completely configured source code along with de-installation software.

You can find more information about the OpenOSX Database CD at the OpenOSX.com Web site. OpenOSX Database 2.0 is available for US$30.00.