BusinessWeek Looks At The Choices College Students Face When Buying A New Computer

What do you or your kids need for college? It can be a tough process to go through, but an article at BusinessWeek may be able to help out. The article looks at such decisions as whether one should look at a laptop or a desktop, what kind of specifications to look for, the type of display to get, networking capabilities, and more. Last but not least, it looks at the choice between a Windows based PC and a Mac OS based PC, saying that itis a "matter of preference." From the BusinessWeek article:

Windows vs. Mac. This is a matter of preference. I use both regularly, and Iim not going to argue that one is inherently better than the other. Linux is also viable alternative on campus, but if youire sophisticated enough to set up and run a Linux box, you donit need my advice.


Specifications. Unless you have some particularly intense need, any processor being sold today will be more than adequate. Donit spend a lot of money for power you donit need. The easiest and cheapest way to increase performance is by adding memory: Donit settle for less than 256 megabytes for either Windows or Mac. Get the biggest hard drive you can, at least 80 gigabytes in a desktop, 30 gigs in a laptop.

You can read the full article at BusinessWeekis Web site.