BusinessWeek Ranks Apple the Top Performing Company

BusinessWeek released its 2006 list of the top 50 performing companies, and Apple Computer came in at number one. BusinessWeek credits the iPod as a major factor in Appleis booming success, noting that sales in 2005 jumped up 66 percent, and profits went up by 216 percent.

In comparison, Yahoo! was 14, Microsoft came in at 34, and eBay at 37. PC maker Dell, which has occasionally criticized Apple in the past, didnit make the list.

Analysts see Apple as a strong driving force in the home entertainment market, and that should give the Mac maker the momentum it needs to continue growing. The introduction of the Front Row application, the Apple Remote, and the new Intel-based Mac mini have Apple poised to position its dominance as market leader in the portable music arena into the living room.

Appleis strong growth in the entertainment industry is being followed by strong sales in the computer market. American Research Analyst, Shaw Wu, predicts that Mac sales may grow as much as 27 percent in 2007.

The BusinessWeek Top Performers list ranks companies based on their market performance and potential. Last year, Apple was ranked at number 14.