Business 2.0 Looks At iTunes Music Store, Calls It Addictive

Business 2.0 has published a short review, of sorts, for Appleis iTunes Music Store (iMS). Business 2.0 is a mainstream print magazine (with a Web presence) that focuses on technology-oriented business. The piece looks at the business model for the store, discusses its good points and shortcomings, and includes the authoris opinion that the service is "dangerously addictive." This was apparently important enough to be included twice. From the article:

So why pay for songs when you can still use free downloading sites? Well, since many free sites load spyware and transfer viruses onto your hard drive, and their most frequent users may soon be served with piracy lawsuits, itis safe to say that you get what you pay for. In the case of Appleis offering, that means a store thatis easy to use, completely legal and--frankly--dangerously addictive.


Then thereis the problem of abuse. Iill say it again: The service is completely addictive. I returned to the site and bought music every day for a week, so enter at your own risk

The rest of the article deals with related issues. We should also note that a comment about the absence of music from Madonna, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones is later referenced as: "it may be a while before the biggest acts become available." In reality, many of the industryis other biggest acts are available on the iMS in force.