Business Publishing App Free From RagTime

RagTime GmbH has announced the availability of RagTime free of charge. Unfortunately, Ragtime Solo, the free version of Ragtime, is not yet available for the Mac. RagTime is a business publishing app designed for word processing, charting, and spreadsheet creation. The app ships ready for creating catalogs, business reports, and sales documents. According to RagTime GmbH:

RagTime GmbH, a leading provider of integrated productivity software for Windows and Mac OS, announced it is releasing the full commercial version of its RagTime business publishing software free of charge for private, non-commercial use.

The main difference from the commercial version is a startup window that asks the user to acknowledge that RagTime Solo may not be employed for commercial use.

RagTime is an award-winning, full-featured business publishing suite for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. RagTime combines word processing, spreadsheet, pictures, drawing and charting in an intuitive and easy-to-use layout environment. RagTime is the tool of choice for creators of catalogs, price lists, business reports, surveys, overviews and sales documents.

You can find more information about RagTime at the RagTime GmbH Web site. RagTime is available free for non-commercial use.

Note: while the Solo version is not yet available, you can download a 30 day trail version.