CD Mastering Software Updated

Charismac has updated their CD mastering software, Discribe, to version 4.5. Charismac allows users to easily create CDs, and the new version adds support for Appleis iTunes. The new version also allows users to burn CDs in the background, freeing the computer for other tasks. According to Charismac:

Charismac Engineering, Inc. released version 4.5 of their popular CD mastering program Discribe today. The new version adds support for burning Video CDs, CD Extra discs and adds enhanced CD copy capability. Discribe will also now allow users to burn CDs in the background.

Discribeis native firewire drivers are also now compatible with Appleis iTunes software eliminating the need to change extension sets when using the two programs.

The latest version of Discribe has also added support for a number of new firewire, SCSI, ATAPI and USB drives.

Discribe is an easy-to-use data and audio CD mastering software package. Discribe supports most popular CD formats including: HFS, ISO-9660/XA, Hybrid, Video CD, CD Extra and several additional formats. Discribe also lets you master audio CDs in either disc-at-once or track-at-once format. Discribe fully supports the mastering of MP 3 files to CD and includes AudioScribe, a direct-to-disk recording utility that lets you record vinyl, voice or tape to hard disk in AIFF format. These files can then be mastered to CD using Discribe.

Discribe is available for US$99.95. Special competitive upgrade pricing is also available for US$29.96. You can find more information at the Charismac Web site.