CMS Peripherals Seeking Beta Testers

CMS Peripherals is seeking beta testers for the upcoming release of the latest ABSplus backup drives. The Automatic Backup System Plus is designed to be a full recovery backup system for data storage. According to CMS Peripherals:

CMS Peripherals(R) today announced it is now accepting a limited number of beta testers for its next generation bootable version of the Automatic Backup System Plus (ABSplus) and ABSplus for Desktops on Mac(R) OS X.

ABSplus is designed to defy extreme travel conditions, able to withstand a non-operating shock of up to 800Gs and operating temperatures ranging from 5degrees C to 55degrees C. Both ABSplus solutions can be used as an additional drive volume with high-speed FireWire providing enough throughput for streaming audio and video files.

You can find more information about ABSplus beta testing at the CMS Peripherals Web site.