C'Mere, We Wanna Show Youse Sumthin'

So, the boss didnit pick up your hints about giving you that new position and that corner office. Even when you cornered her and gave her a list of all the stuff you did for the company last year, and explained that you have kept quiet about the incident at last yearis Christmas party. Despite all this she just wonit budge on the promotion issue, and the corner office is still empty.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures, my friends: that boss-lady thinks sheis all that: What she needs is a bit of persuading, she needs to know you mean business; she needs you to make her an offer she canit refuse.

But wait: youire an animal lover and flatly refuse to behead your bossis horse, dog, kitten, or gerbil; itis messy, and breaking and entering is a crime in most States.

With that in mind, with mandolins playing in the background, and with our best Don Corleone/Marlon Brandon imitation, weid like you to take a look at sumthini; weid like you to take a look at dis installment of A Cool Waste of Time:

OK, so you donit wanna ice dis personis kitty, we can understand that, but you still need to make your point. Might we suggest a quick look through a Web site called Kropserkel. Please note in particular the item called The Godfather Horse Head Pillow.

Snuggle up to THAT!

Wit dis beauty there is no doubt sheill know you mean business!

While you are there check out the other absolutely cool stuff that is, unfortunately not for sale, but should be; like the Lord of the Ring, Ring Wraith costume, or what is called iThe X Pranksi.

Hmmm; to get Kropserkel to sell you some those other cool items, maybe you could make them an offer they canit refuse; but donit try the horse head trick, we think theyive seen that one before.

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