CNET: New MacBook Pro Looks Just as Good in Real Life

CNET writer Peter Glaskowsky arrived at an Apple store just in time to see the unveiling of the new MacBook Pros for the display counters and found that the computer looks just as good in real life as it does in the photographs.

The oohs and aahs were:

  • The tapered edges make it look thinner than it is.
  • The track pad is terrific.
  • It feels good in oneis hands, and the surface had just the right feel.
  • The MBP has more torsional rigidity.
  • The seams are remarkably tight.

There were several things the author didnit like, including the highly glossy display, some subjective feeling that some edges were just a little sharper than the previous generation, and the fact that the machines comes out of sleep when the lid is cracked just a little.

All in all, the author was impressed by the look and feel of the new MacBook Pro. Noteworthy was that trackpad, described as in glowing terms: "It also doesnit look or feel like glass. Awesome. So now Apple has the worldis only two-button mouse that doesnit have any buttons at all, and it isnit even a mouse!"

This intangible, the feeling one has when handling a computer, is something that cannot be described in comparison charts or TCO analysis Thatis why Apple retail strategy works so well with the industrial design of its products. To touch and feel a MacBook Pro is to just want one, but in a healthy, professional, and ergonomic way.